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Covel Baptist Church

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Established in 1947, with the congregation dwindling to only a handful of members and with no permanent Pastor, this once-thriving Church was scheduled for closure in 2016. However, as Christ as our advocate, He would intervene. Through a series of miracle-circumstances, Covel Baptist Church would unite with the Voice of Calvary (they are sister Churches in the Mountain State Baptist Association) to continue His Kingdom work. In unison, these two small churches (although maintaining separate buildings 23 miles apart) would become one family and through the power of His Holy Spirit the doors would remain open and the Gospel would continue to be echoed throughout this community.
In 2019, the Holy Spirit would, once-again, speak to the hearts of this small congregation -- this time to feed His sheep physically. With no budget and a donated pick-up truck of food, the Food Pantry was born. We started with providing two Wal-Mart bags of food to about 20 people. In less than one year, we are dispersing over 8 tons of food to over 600 people each month (100+ are children). 
Due to the negative economic impact of the COVID-Pandemic, the Food Pantry is growing expeditiously, adding an estimated 35 to 50 families per month. To manage the need, our Lord has provided a new 30ft x 41ft distribution facility that opened in the first quarter of 2021. With our complete reliance on our Lord to provide, we continue to be asked, “where are the provisions coming from”…and to that we continue to point upward: a sign placed above the doors of VOC and Covel Baptist Church reads, “You Are Now Entering A Mission Field”     
Covel Baptist Church worship services take place on Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m.  The Food Pantry is open every 4th Saturday @ 1:00 p.m. 
For information, please email Pastor Mike at

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